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Teeth Whitening in Bankstown: An Overview

In recent years, more and more people have been turning to teeth whitening procedures to update their cosmetic look. Due to advances in teeth whitening technology, many consumers who were unable to afford the process due to astronomic costs have been pleasantly surprised by how affordable the procedure has become for the average person.

Whitening your teeth is an excellent way to look and feel fresher and more confident. As we age, our teeth naturally get darker – have you ever thought that children's teeth look brighter and whiter than an adult's? You were right!

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There are many reasons why teeth darken: often the mineral structure of our teeth changes over the years, leading to a less-appealing shade of white or beige, and consumption of coffee, dark teas, red wines, and tobacco products often worsens the problem. Sometimes, even antibiotics – like tetracycline – can stain teeth and reduce the tooth enamel's natural brilliance.

If your teeth are a color you dislike, you may feel self-conscious while smiling and talking. For most people, undergoing a teeth whitening procedure isn't about an obsession with looking young or an indulgence of vanity: having stained or discolored teeth can also affect our self-confidence and hamper interactions in our everyday lives.

Due to the popularity of the procedure, there are many methods consumers have to choose from if they are interested in teeth whitening: bleaching strips, bleaching pens, bleaching gels, and light-accelerated bleaching, just to name a few.

Gel bleaching can be done either at home or by a dentist, and with low or high-concentration gel. This method of teeth whitening has become very popular in recent years, particularly since gel-whitening packs, which contain low concentration gel, have become widely available.