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The Benefits Of Integrating Learning With Talent Management

Individual performance, along with the performance of teams and an organization’s whole workforce; identifying and analyzing knowledge, skills, and competencies; succession planning, and enterprise collaboration tools are all part of 'talent management – and, for various reasons, talent management is playing an increasingly important role in helping private sector organizations to remain competitive in the current economic climate and public sector organizations to provide value for money to all their stakeholders.

Maybe the tough economic times – with the corresponding interest in cost-cutting, maintaining high-level performance, and customer service, along with less focus on recruiting and more on measuring, developing, retaining existing talent – have helped to promote the cause of talent management. 

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Until relatively recently, the various elements that comprise 'talent management' tended to be viewed in isolation or, at best, in small topic groups.

This was partly due to 'custom and practice' in thinking about these issues but mainly due to the lack of automatic processes that allowed the things to be integrated into one, coherent process.

These days, technology allows any organization to operate a coherent, coordinated, and collaborative system covering everything from recruitment and selection, through induction to ongoing learning, knowledge, skills, and competencies; skills gap analysis; succession planning, and so on until individuals' retirement and exit interviews.

Those organizations which have adopted just such a 'serious', systematic strategy to monitor and measure their talent resources claim to be experiencing tangible, positive business benefits from coordinated talent management.