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The Importance Of Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of using the right combination of a polishing pad and compound with a micro-abrasive. This micro-abrasive gently sands the transparent coating on your vehicle to remove scratches and wash marks that haven't penetrated the clean finish on your vehicle permanently.

Paint correction in general is exactly what it looks like: paint correction on your car body. The paint correction process aims to reduce or eliminate imperfections on the surface of your car. You can also check the top paint correction in Edmonton via

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Paint correction functions to smooth or "cut" scratches on the body paint layer. This means that the thickness of the body paint layer is decreasing. Achieved through a variety of techniques, tools, and products, color grading is something that should be left to professional detail as accuracy is taken into account.

Paint correction is an important step in maintaining the shine and smoothness of your vehicle as scratches or micro-changes in the body paint coat will cause the imperfections you see on your car. Imperfections that can appear include swirl marks or cobwebs caused by improper washing and drying.

Eddy marks are very visible when your car is in bright light or sunlight. As can be seen above, the path of the vortex distorts the reflected light. This makes your car look boring because it doesn't fully reflect any light source and therefore doesn't look shiny. That's why paint correction can be the solution.