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The Usefulness of Lifting Tackle and Tower Crane Hire

Tower cranes are required for handling heavy weights and lifting heavier loads to higher heights. Tower crane hire is also available for companies that do not own their tower cranes. Heavy objects are a constant challenge for construction sites and factories.

Heavy materials may need to be transported from one location to another, loaded onto waiting trailers, unloaded, and fitted into existing structures or vehicles larger than they are. These operations can be managed by a tower crane or a lifting tackle. A tackle is a part of a large tower crane, as it lifts and places heavy items at the appropriate points.

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Although a lifting tackle is a small machinery that many companies have, it becomes necessary to hire tower cranes quite often. Tower cranes are huge machines. They consist of a central mast to which is attached what's known as a slewing Jib. This can be rotated 360 degrees.

The foundation of the central mast's base remains fixed to the concrete foundation on the job site. The jib is balanced by the use of counterweights on its opposite side. Because objects must be lifted very high using a tower crane there are options to increase their height by adding additional modules to the mast.

Tower crane hire offers a practical solution. The leasing company will ship the crane's modules to the customer. The charges for renting a tower crane are based on how often it is used and also the shipping costs and charges for assembly at the job site and dismantling them later.