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Types of Teeth Whitening Methods

There are a number of different types of teeth whitening methods available, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. The most common type of teeth whitening method is the conventional bleach approach. This involves using a strong dose of bleach to remove the pigment from your teeth. The downside to this approach is that it can be very effective at removing pigment, but it can also damage your teeth.

Bleach can also cause tooth sensitivity, discoloration, and even tooth loss. Another common type of teeth whitening method is the laser approach. In this method, a laser is used to break down the pigment in your teeth. This approach is less damaging than bleach, but it can take longer to achieve results. Laser whitening also requires regular visits to the dentist to maintain results. You can get in touch with a professional teeth whitening dentist via

Finally, there is the LED approach. In this method, light energy is used to break down the pigment in your teeth. Unlike other methods, LED whitening does not require any special equipment or visits to the dentist. However, LED whitening may not be as effective as other methods at removing pigment from your teeth.

If you want to significantly improve the appearance of your smile, the best method may be a combination of methods. If you want to use a catch-all approach, consider gel whitening. In this method, an adhesive fluoride is applied before or after bleaching or professional dental work.

The gel is one of the most popular options for removing stains on your teeth and can be found in many shades to suit any complexion. The gel is easy to apply with no side effects and lasts between six months and two years based on usage frequency. While it can take up to four hours for the gel to completely remove stains, users have reported reduced sensitivity while wearing gels which may last longer than other products on the market.