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Tree Pruning And Training To Grow Healthier Trees

Pruning conifers in the dormant period will reduce sap and resin flow. However, they can still be cut at any time. Tree pruning trees with showy flowers should be done during the dormant season to see the structure, minimize disease, and reduce sap flow.

Dormant pruning is also necessary for flowering shrubs. However, some might also require pruning at other times. For example, shrubs that bloom in the early spring-like redbud and dogwood should be pruned immediately after they have bowed. You can find professional tree pruning services via

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Fire blight is a bacterial disease that can infect flowering trees. It can spread through pruning. These trees include the crab apple, pear varieties, hawthorn, mountain ash, pyracantha, and flowering quince. They should be pruned in the dormant seasons. Pruning should be done during winter for those that bloom in summer and fall.

 On the other hand, dead branches can be removed at any moment. Without proper pruning and training, fruit trees won't develop in the right shape or form. Pruning and training fruit trees properly will produce better quality fruits and last longer. Pruning and training are meant to create a tree structure that can support large crops of fruit. 

Fruit trees that aren't properly trained can become too straight and break with heavy crops. This can reduce the tree's productivity and decrease its lifespan. Annual pruning and training also include the removal of any diseased, broken, or dead limbs.